Michael Cera’s New Surprise Album Makes Us Love Him Even More

Move over, Beyoncé. It looks like our imaginary boyfriend Michael Cera is giving you a run for your money. Cera, who is famously known for endearingly awkward roles in Juno and Superbad, just released his debut album, True That on Bandcamp. Granted, this isn’t exactly a visual album, but we’re willing to look past that (fingers crossed for next time, though).

The album’s release actually took place last week, on August 8th. So. . . how the heck did we not know about this earlier? Truth is, the album had little to no publicity behind it (which makes sense for the press-shy actor—I can’t even find a verified Twitter account for Michael Cera). But on Tuesday, the Internet finally soared into a bit of a Beyoncé-esque frenzy once Cera’s former co-star and friend, Jonah Hill, endorsed the album to his 4.4 million Twitter followers. So here we are–late to the True That Bandcamp party–and we still couldn’t be more thrilled.

First of all, it’s Michael Cera. Second of all, it’s a surprise album from Michael Cera. And third of all, and perhaps most important of all, it’s freakin‘ good!  Real good. The 18-track album is like a combination between indie-folk and the muffled sounds of lo-fi music. Amy Zimmerman at The Daily Beast illustrated this point quite nicely:

It’s true–these are the types of songs fit for your “reflective” playlist (Side note: If you’re into beautiful rainy day music, check out “Gershy’s Kiss“). If you’re not all for wallowing in despair, don’t worry. There are some more upbeat tracks to balance out the mood a la “Humdrummin” and his cover of Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons.”

Even though this album comes as a surprise to most of us, Michael Cera super fans already knew about his musical inclinations. Did you know he was a touring bassist for a band called Mister Heavenly? He even provided some backup vocals and played the mandolin for Weezer back in 2010 for their album, Hurley. Who knew?

It’s such a cool thing to see an unassuming actor like Michael Cera tap into his musical side (and pull a Beyoncé). What a pleasant surprise, indeed.

FYI, the album is on sale for $7 at Bandcamp. Go ahead and give the album a listen right here.

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