We just discovered a disturbing connection between Cole Sprouse’s characters on “Riverdale” and “The Suite Life on Deck”

Hold on to your beanies and get prepared to have your minds blown, because we just discovered the weirdest connection between Cole Sprouse’s Riverdale and The Suite Life on Deck characters. As in a connection between  emo and sexy Jughead, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and Cody Martin, the geeky, ever-responsible half of “Zack & Cody.”

If you watch Riverdale, then you’ll know that Jughead and friends are in their sophomore year of high school. And if you watched Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck (which began in 2008), then you’ll know it kicks off during Zack and Cody’s freshman year.

That’s right. Jughead and Cody are basically the same age.

As in, this guy (who again, we have — on the record — said is sexy):

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Is supposed to be the same age as THIS guy:

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Minds: Blown. Right?

We’re not gonna lie. Something about this is making us supremely uncomfortable. However, we take comfort in the fact that the IRL Cole Sprouse is 25 years old, so we feel distinctly less creepy crushing on him in his current incarnation on Riverdale/being obsessed when he does stuff like this:

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If anything, this serves as a solid reminder that most high school kids we see on TV are definitely non-high school age, and we give Disney major kudos for actually casting real-life kids to play, well, kids. Because this whole “sexy-20-somethings-playing-high-schoolers” is making us feel creepy. And undeservedly so!

Now excuse us while we go binge watch some Jughead highlight reels.

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