Just in case you didn’t know, Tom Hiddleston can speak *and* sing in Spanish

We are thrilled to hear Spanish anytime, anywhere. And last night, Tom Hiddleston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and not only spoke in Spanish, but sang in Spanish. (!!!) In his recent press tour of Kong: Skull Island, Tom travelled to Mexico City, where he walked the red carpet and met fans. Tom came back from Mexico with new words in his Spanish vocabulary, and his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was the perfect time to flaunt his new skills.

In a hilarious duet, Guillermo, Kimmel’s sidekick, joins Tom to sing the popular Mexican folk song “Cielito Lindo.” Even though Tom’s Spanish is pretty much broken, and needs fine tuning, he made an effort to follow Guillermo’s words.


Aside from singing, Tom also spoke in Spanish. He tells Guillermo he did learn a few other words in Mexico City, Tom says, “Todavía no he olvidado el traje de gorila,” translating to, I have not forgotten the gorilla outfit — referring to his recent film with co-star Brie Larson.

But check this out: Spanish is not a new language for Tom Hiddleston — he has given full interviews in Spanish!

When talking to Despierta America, Tom explained that he has been studying Spanish for the last 15 years.


During his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tom also praised Mexico, and noted that he worked with Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Hiddleston appeared in del Toro’s Crimson Peak).

In a previous interview with GQ.com, Hiddleston commented about his work with Guillermo del Toro and his respect for Mexican filmmakers:

“It would be lovely to complete the Mexican trio, with Iñárritu and Cuarón. I think Cuarón and Iñárritu are the first people Guillermo showed Crimson Peak to. He really trusts them. And we were shooting Crimson Peak when Cuarón won for Gravity, and I remember he thanked Guillermo in his acceptance speech, and I found that really touching.

We hope so!!! And we’re definitely looking forward to hearing Tom speak Spanish more often.