Just a Bunch of Rock Stars Playing Slugs

Everyone loves a good guitar face. You know, that pained expression rock stars make when they’re birthing the mind-scrambling sounds of their axe before a crowd of enthralled fans? If it’s a really solid riff, you will question whether you should call an ambulance because it apparently hurts that good. Now, for argument’s sake, say you replace a bunch of expressive rock stars’ guitars with giant slugs. Then their expression suddenly goes from “Holy crap, I’m a rock god,” to “Holy mother of everything that is sacred, am I really playing a giant slug?” Trust me, it’s funny.

I only wish I came up with this glorious idea. But alas, the credit must go to a Glasgow-based genius named Michael M, who gifted us with the Tumblr Slug Solos. It’s at once high-concept, and really, really straightforward. Without further ado, here’s what rock stars look like when you replace their guitars with giant slugs:

Metallica’s James Hetfield has the right reaction to holding a giant wet slug.

J.M gets it: Slugs are kind of gross.

“Where are the chords on this slug?”

Adam Levine would like to put his slug down now, please.

Carlos Santana did not expect this turn of events.

Poor Haim.

Playing a giant slug is nothing compared to what Keith Richards has been through.

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo is actually pretty calm about this whole slug situation.

“Hello Slash, I’ll be your slug for the night.”

Slugging it like it’s 1999.

(Images via Slug Solos)