Just A Bunch of Animal Pile-Ups to Make Wednesday

As autumn’s cold weather rolls in and rainy days start to make a reappearance, the need for baby animal pick-me-ups becomes more urgent. While pictures of individual animals posing effortlessly for the camera lens would certainly do the trick, I figured the people of the world deserve a little extra boost in the form of animal pile-ups. Don’t believe the rumors: “too much of a good thing” doesn’t hurt anybody, especially when fluffy creatures are involved.

1. Baby Pandas

As soon as you start imagining the ink splotches on their faces as eyes, and not black pits in the middle of their faces, baby pandas are kind of adorable. Sure, when they first roll out of the womb, they look like misprinted ferrets, but as they get older, they start to look a little less demonic and more huggable.

2. Kittens

This currently stands as my favorite cat gif of all time, which is pretty impressive considering all the cat gifs on the Internet and my extensive background in “feline critters.”

3. Red Panda Cubs

Can we talk about how these guys don’t even look real? It’s like Frankenstein realized he made a mistake with his monster by not making him cute enough and decided to animate a pile of stuffed animals instead.

4. Polar Bears

In all my life, I have never seen a group of ferocious bears look so majestic. It makes you want to go up and pretend to be one of them, until you remember they’re probably envisioning you on a kebab as part of their next meal.

5. Baby Owls

I know this looks like a bunch of baby owls bickering with each other over food, but what you’re really looking at is a bunch of sleep-deprived college students fighting over the spontaneous free-coffee stand in the library. Or maybe it really is a bunch of tiny owls. I may be misreading the situation.

6. Piglets

Piglets in Pumpkins would make a great addition to that Animal Ark book series that you always see in your middle-school book catalog (i.e. Horses In the Barn, Puppies In the Pantry, Crazy Teenagers On My Lawn). I don’t remember Babe looking this cute, but maybe I was too preoccupied with the magical talking spider.

7. Baby Wolves

Wolves: Like dogs, but more likely to eat you. If these two ever decided to embark on a political campaign, that could be their slogan. Marketing agencies, get at me.

8. Baby Lions

When I first saw this picture, I didn’t notice the pink blanket and assumed the little lion’s tongue was just impossibly long. Then logic kicked in, and I was able to enjoy the picture a little more, knowing that I wasn’t looking at photo evidence of some genetically-altered wild cat.

9. Koalas

This picture makes me uncomfortable, for two reasons. One, the koala in front has no one to hug, which makes the whole scenario bittersweet. Two, I never realized how massive koala bears’ noses are, and the more I look at them, the more convinced I am that they’re not, in fact, noses, but giant black beetles waiting to dismount and attack if I get too close.

10. Squirrels

Disappointingly, young squirrels look like slimy, translucent mole rats, so I couldn’t include them in this list. Young adult squirrels, though, like the ones above, pass my cuteness test.

11. Bunnies

A cute animals list without at least one bunny gif would be incomplete. They are living embodiments of every child’s dream. That is, that cotton balls will sprout ears and legs and come alive.

12. Dogs & A Piglet

“If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you lay with me and just forget that I’m part of an entirely different species?”

13. More Puppies

You haven’t lived until you’ve held five or more puppies in your hands at once.

14. Even More Puppies

Caption contest: what woke these pups up? My guess is someone told them Grumpy Cat just landed his own TV show and they’re scrambling to come up with a show of their own.

15. Hedgehogs

We’ve got a natural photobomber on our hands.

Featured image via TheFW.com.