Just some animals looking very, very cozy

It’s a pretty well known fact that nothing beats a cute animal picture.  Well, basically nothing. I’m pretty sure that cute animals looking super cozy is at least one step above cute animals just being cute all alone in their cuteness.  So, in honor of ALL THE CUTENESS, here are a bunch of animals looking the absolute coziest to brighten your day. And possibly making you really, really want a cup of tea and your blanket. Enjoy!

“Owl In A Towel” could easily be the next bestselling kid’s book.

Oh. My. Gosh. 

Like a Snuggie, only chicer.

Bringing Ewok fashion back.

“Shhh.. I’m becoming one with the blanket.”

Hedgehog burrito.

IRL pig in a blanket.

“And then the majestic cat-erpillar began to emerge from its cocoon.” 

I can’t even.  Cuteness overload.

Baby bats in blankets!  Who knew alliteration could be so adorable.

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