A corgi went to Disney World and had the best. day. ever.

It’s commonly known that Disney — both Land and World — is the happiest place on Earth for us humans. But what about for our four-legged friends? Do they have a happiest place on Earth too? If this corgi’s recent trip to Disney World is any indictor, a canine’s happy place might just be Disney too. This very lucky pup got to visit the theme park and, as Rapunzel would say, had THE BEST DAY EVER.

OK I really love Disney and and I really love corgis. But together? It’s like my heart just can’t handle all the happiness and snuggle feelings. They are 100% overpowering. I mean, if these photos don’t warm your frigid January heart then I’m just not sure what to tell you.

At Disney our corgi friend (if anyone knows his name, send me an e-mail STAT) met his dog comrades, Pluto and Dug. And then met Peter Pan and Captain Hook. And Donald Duck and Stitch. And then basically all of our favorite princesses. His owner took pix of him with all the characters so that people the world over can scrapbook this memorable day.

Now, dogs aren’t technically allowed inside of Disney parks, unless they are service dogs. So maybe this dog was actually working on his big day out. Or maybe this little corgi had a YOLO moment, threw caution to the wind, and bought a one-way ticket to fun. However this magic happened, we are thankful for it. Corgis + Disney = Dreams coming true.

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