Turns out, “Jurassic World 2” is *also* “Jurassic Park 5”

Ever since Jurassic World came out and was a smashing success, we’ve been obsessing over potential sequels. Now we’ve learned that Jurassic World 2 isn’t *just* is a Jurassic World sequel, but Jurassic World 2 is also Jurassic Park 5. YES. Jurassic World 2 is also Jurassic Park 5, and we’re suddenly doing some very interesting Jurassic math.

We admit that we’re thrilled that we’re getting SO MUCH Chris Pratt with a Jurassic World trilogy. And, as we’ve learned more details about Jurassic World 2, we’ve become even more excited. Knowing that this new sequel could further connect the new films to the originals is making us even more anxious for its 2018 release.

When asked by CinemaBlend, director J.A. Bayona explained, “I think somehow it's both. It's a very good question, and what we're doing is a sequel to Jurassic World, but it's definitely the fifth chapter of a longer saga.

So, the Jurassic World 2 relates to Jurassic World, obviously. It being part of a longer saga *might* also mean that more aspects from the original films will be brought in.

Bayona basically confirms that: “It's always tricky, but you need to find a balance in what people expect to find, and the new stuff you're bringing to the story. And I think the story is looking for a connection between Jurassic World and Jurassic Park — more than what Jurassic World did.

So, what does it mean if Jurassic World 2 is also Jurassic Park 5? Well, for one, we may see old characters return. Sam Neill has some strange ideas about where Dr. Alan Grant, his character in Jurassic Park, is now. Despite that, we wouldn’t mind seeing Dr. Grant’s return (Though, TBH, we’re really hoping for the return of Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcom).

If Jurassic World 2 is also Jurassic Park 5, it also might incorporate our favorite fan theory about Chris Pratt’s character, Grady. Many people think Grady is the child Dr. Grant tells about raptors in Jurassic Park, and we want someone to make it canon already.


Either way, we’re jumping with excitement for Jurassic World 2. We only have to wait a year and a half till it hits theaters.