Whoa — this kid spent £3,911 playing the Jurassic World game on his dad’s iPad

How much would you pay for a dinosaur? The answer is, of course, that price is no object, because DINOSAUR. However, if we’re talking about a fake dinosaur in an iPad game, then maaaaaaaaaaybe like $1.99 for the game itself. Unfortunately, that’s not the price one kid unknowingly paid. Nothing like a super pricey dinosaur bill to start off the New Year!

Faisall, a seven year old boy, got his hands on his dad’s iPad. Not only did he know the passlock for his dad’s iPad, but he also knew his dad’s Apple password. You know that spells trouble. Being a Jurassic World enthusiast, as we all are, Faisall started playing the iPad Jurassic World game, and when asked if he wanted to upgrade the dinosaurs in the game, Faisall was all like, YES. Before he realized what he was doing, and he probably didn’t realize what he was doing because he’s seven, Faisall had racked up a bill of £3,911, buying fake dinosaurs with real money.

Needless to say, his dad, Mohamed Shugga, was not too happy when his credit card started being declined.

Between December 13th and December 18th, Faisall made 65 separate transactions within the Jurassic World game. When Mohamed realized, he contacted Apple.

“I was so mad. I’m 32 years old, why would Apple think I would be spending thousands of pounds buying dinosaurs and upgrading a game? ” He explained to U.K.’s Telegraph. “Why didn’t they email me to check I knew these payments were being made? How much longer would it have gone on for?”

Probably until Faisall had bought ALL of the dinosaurs and ALL of Jurassic World.

Apple, being the nice folks they are, understood the situation and refunded all the spend dinosaur money. But let this serve as an example: even if you want to buy the dinosaurs, don’t. And also don’t give out your Apple passwords to anyone.

Image via Universal