‘Jurassic World’ gets into the fan theory game with this one about the origin of Chris Pratt’s character

We love, love, love fan theories. People are so insightful and creative about everything from Friends to Harry Potter to Rugrats. But if you thought those were good, hold on to your hats, because this Jurassic World fan theory might be the best—and the most plausible—theory yet.

Chris Pratt plays a character named Owen Grady who we meet for the first time in Jurassic World. Right? Well, maybe not. Owen Grady might have made an appearance in the original Jurassic Park (played by different actor).

There’s a scene in the O.G. movie where Dr. Grant is talking to a tour group during an exvacation. As he’s delivering a monologue about velociraptors, an unimpressed kid pipes up and says, “That doesn’t look very scary. More like a six-foot turkey.” Oh no you didn’t kid.

Dr. Grant doesn’t miss a beat, throwing the sassy kid some shade and explaining to him just how dangerous velociraptors were back in the day. He sets the stage for just how terrifying they are and scares the kid with a talon, putting him in his place.

Cut to today, where Owen Grady is the pack leader of the velociraptors. Coincidence? His character is most definitely that same kid, decades later. It makes perfect sense.

The theory is so good, in fact, that the Internet is treating it more like an Easter egg than a theory. One Reddit simply stated that, “the movie will have to actively contradict it for me to not just assume that it’s true.”

You win again, logic. Check out the original clip of young Owen Grady!

(Featured image via Twitter.)