The “Jurassic World” trailer shows us that no one is safe from dinosaurs — not even in your own bedroom

When it comes to outdoing the explosive Jurassic World, there’s a formula for success: More dinosaurs + exploding volcano + Jeff Goldblum.  If that won’t get people into a theater on opening night, nothing will.

Universal has just dropped a brand new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the second movie in this brand new Jurassic trilogy. It’s got more dinosaurs, more explosions, more of Chris Pratt running, and yes, Dr. Ian Malcolm to boot (except that we don’t see him in this latest trailer, which is #rude). If this movie doesn’t outdo the OG movie reboot, nothing will.

Our story picks up some time in the future, where we find Pratt’s Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire (now wearing very appropriate footwear for her adventure) reuniting to head back to the island they left in shambles after all hell broke loose. You know, that time they had to use the dinosaurs to fight the other dinosaurs. It’s a fun story. But sadly, these two have broken up — so that whole, “staying together for survival” thing was BS — but Claire still needs Owen’s help. Back on Isla Nublar, Raptor Blue is still alive, and she’s in trouble…because a volcano is about to explode on the island, and literally wipe the dinosaurs out for their second extinction.

If that’s not enough for Owen and Claire to worry about, the dinosaurs are loose *everywhere*. We catch a quick glimpse of a brand new character: a young girl who’s just trying to sleep safely in her own bedroom. Too bad that she can’t, because a dinosaur is literally standing over her, dribbling dinosaur drool, and yes, this is what nightmares are made of.

Are you screaming like everyone in the trailer? Same. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 22nd, 2018.