This “Jurassic World” exhibit will feature giant, moving dinosaurs and it sounds AWESOME

We’re on board with anything Jurassic Park-related, for the obvious reason that dinosaurs are awesome. Assuming that you share our enthusiasm, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new Jurassic World exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia!

One small thing to note though…it features LIFE-SIZE animatronic dinosaurs.


OMG can you imagine a T-Rex not only staring you down, but with the ability to move? Let’s just admit while we’re in a safe space…that is positively terrifying. And also AWESOME.

The dinosaurs in the exhibition were designed in part by paleontologist Jack Horner, who was an advisor on Jurassic World for all things dino-related.

Seems like it’s time to embrace that inner movie/science geek!

According to Entertainment Weekly, visitors will “travel” to the island of Isla Nublar, where they’ll have an opportunity to learn about dinosaur DNA, and be able to enter the raptor training paddock and creation lab. SO FREAKING COOL! And all within the safety and comfort of an exhibition.

An exhibition that features life-size animatronic dinosaurs!!!


Okay. We’re scared, but…we’re so there! Anything that brings us closer to a real life Jurassic Park adventure!


The exhibition opens in November, so be on the lookout for ticket availability if you want to be terrified by dinosaurs learn something about the amazing creatures that roamed our planet 65 million years ago!