This “Jurassic World” director just promised this mistake will definitely not happen in the sequel

When Jurassic World first premiered, backlash was expected. After all, there are some true Jurassic Park fans out there. (Many write for Hello Giggles.) But what we didn’t expect was the largest criticism regarding Jurassic World: Bryce Dallas Howard’s shoes.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire spent the majority of the movie running from dinosaurs in heels. That did not exactly present the best image of women. So we were thrilled to learn that Bryce Dallas Howard will wear sensible shoes for Jurassic World 2! Whew. Bryce Dallas Howard shared her concerns about the heels over a year ago, and it seems Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow listened.

The Jurassic World director tweeted today a picture worth more than a thousand words

The picture above seems to be an inspiration board of some sort for Claire’s costume. And it seems Claire will most certainly not be wearing heels as she runs away from dinosaurs!

The internet, of course, has voiced its massive approval:

There’s a secret story behind this hashtag:

The hashtag is a nod to an old interview with Bryce Dallas Howard where she said:

“But here’s what I will say, is the way that Colin told me that the sequel was happening, like when it got greenlit, and I was going to be in it, he texted me “#noheels2018.’ And I was like ‘Yeah, boy!

We’re cheering right along with you, Bryce.

Bryce Dallas Howard, always game, replied to Colin Trevorrow’s tweet!

Now we’re even more excited for the movie, which is set to premiere in June 2018!