What if ‘Jurassic World’ dinosaurs were replaced by giant cats? Wonder no more.

While we were watching Jurassic World, we had a lot of thoughts like, “How can she flee from dinosaurs in those heels?” and “Oh look, it’s Chris Pratt!” But what we should have been thinking was this: “What if we replaced all the dinosaurs with cats?”

That was obviously what was running through the mind of Tumblr user khanandkittens during the film, and we’re grateful for that. Because said genius has brought us Purassic World. Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like: A visual exploration of Jurassic World where all the dinos are giant cats.

The prehistoric cats aren’t just in Jurassic World, but in the original dinosaur outing, Jurassic Park, too. They took some of the best scenes from both movies and inserted cats, and we love it. We want to see Jurassic World now remade with cats, so get on it, Hollywood.

Yes, these are pretty much purrrrfect (sorry not sorry for that cat pun).

And if you crave more cats inserted into weird places, the blog extends far past dinosaurs. They’ve also added cats to Star Wars. And lest we forget, “Giant cats at Landmarks and Monuments: United States Edition.” Life is good.

(Images via Khanandkittens.tumblr.com)

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