Jupiter’s making a big move today, and each zodiac sign will feel it differently

The planet Jupiter turns retrograde on April 10th and will stay that way until August 11th—and it’s the absolute best time of the year. Here’s why: Jupiter is a planet that is usually very well-liked—it represents themes and things that pretty much everyone would like more of in their life, including joy, abundance, wealth, luck, and growth. Movement in Jupiter means we’ll see expansion and growth; we’ll reproduce and enlarge. It rewards; it is abundant and joyful. But it does have another side that is sometimes a bit more disappointing. Jupiter expands whatever it finds, and if what it finds is not something you want more of, well, you’re getting more of it anyway.

What that means for us is that, if you can actively seek to nurture a positive attitude, positive thoughts, and nurture things you want more of in your life, Jupiter will give it to you.

When Jupiter is direct, it helps us leap forward and nurture. This is especially true since Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius, where it is at home and at its most potent. Jupiter wants us to unleash our power. It wants us to grow wiser, more abundant, more spiritual, and well-spirited.

When the planet is retrograde, we go back to our source, in our core, and we’re called to reflect on what brings us joy within ourselves, where we feel happy, where we need more knowledge, more training, more organization. Retrograde is sometimes a word that triggers negative feelings—no one likes to go backwards or be stopped in their growth. But look at it as a jumping competition instead: how are you going to jump far if you aren’t taking a few steps back? Retrograde is a time to reload and nurture your energy so that you can grow even stronger and faster.

Jupiter Retrograde is a moment during which each and every one of us is going to be called to do a bit of inner work, and if you harness this energy properly, if you do the work, you’re going to be able to do some massive growth and manifestation—aka materialize in real life what you wish to be once the planet turns direct again.

Let’s see how it’s going to affect each sign. Here, I’d advise that you refer to your rising sign more than your sun sign, but both are valid options.


You’re going to see significant changes in the way you think and express yourself. This is for the best, Aries—you might need to polish your communication skills.


You’re being pushed to see how you can share your space and intimacy with other people. It might feel invasive and difficult, but embrace it, Taurus.


You relationships are changing, Gemini. This is going to be an area of focus and growth for the next few months. Allow the changes to happen, and know that anyone leaving or entering your life is teaching you something valuable.


You’re going to put a lot of effort into healing and retrieving a sense of balance and harmony in your life. It’s a good time to get rid of any negative habits you might have—your routine is going to change, including your diet and relationship to discipline and organization.


Leo, it’s always about the heart, isn’t it? Well, this time is no different. Your focus is on self-love and love, and you’ll be growing your heart for the summer season. Focus on kindness and generosity.


You will be quite focused on nourishing yourself and your family over the next months; you’re looking at fairly introverted months coming up, and your joy will be found in your home. Nurture that.


Libra, you’re all up in your head, so maybe it’s time to shed some of these negative thinking patterns. Or, it might be a good time to focus on nurturing positive thoughts and mindsets. It’s all about the brain for the next few months, and you might be tempted to travel. Enjoy.


You’re becoming very serious about money matters and you’re going to review some of the things you have or haven’t been doing financially. It’s a good time to grow value, both in yourself and financially. Build yourself up, Scorpio.


You are roaring, Sagittarius. This year is your year—and you know it. You’re working really hard on yourself, and it shows. Keep up with the self-improvement mindset and you’ll reach whatever you desire.


Capricorn, it might be time to tie up some loose ends and review the behaviors that are holding you back. Nurture spiritual behaviors, like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.


You are on a roll, but in order to reach all the goals and desires you have, you have to withdraw within yourself first and actually figure out what you want. It’s a good time to reflect and ask yourself the right questions—what are your ideals, your goals, your dreams, your hopes? How are you going to go about achieving them? Figure this out, and Jupiter will reward.


Pisces, you actually have some professional opportunities coming up, but you might need to end a situation before another one can emerge. Be sure you make choices that are working for your highest good, and opportunities will arise on their own.

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