Jupiter retrograde has begun and here’s what the heck that means

It’s not only Monday, but it’s also the first day of Jupiter retrograde. You’re probably staring at your computer saying, “Another retrograde? This is not something I need to pencil into my calendar right now.” You most likely say this because you’re familiar with our dear friend Mercury retrograde, who visits us too often and manages to completely mess up our lives while loafing on our couches for weeks at a time.

But Jupiter retrograde is different. It’s the more polite cousin of Mercury retrograde. And thank the heavens for that fact because Jupiter retrograde will be staying with us from today, February 6th, to June 9th.

So, it’s time to pull out the futon. We’ve got company.

Before you go to pick Jupiter retrograde up at the airport, it’s important you get to know it a bit better.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of luck, wisdom, and personal growth, according to the AstroTwins. Jupiter rules outgoing and expansive Sagittarius, who will be the most affected during this retrograde period. Unlike Mercury retrograde, Jupiter retrograde is not out to destroy you. It’s simply asking you to take a look at yourself and reveal your own truths.

This could mean that you work on becoming a more authentic version of yourself. Perhaps you’ve been playing a role when interacting with friends and family. The retrograde will make you aware of that role and will force you to let your true self thrive. Use spirituality, religion, or education to aid your revival.

The retrograde is in Libra this go around, which is the sign of relationships. This means we’re going to have to look at the relationships we have in a harsher light and evaluate their worth. Kate Rose at Elephant Journal says that Jupiter retrograde allows for us to open up to love and “make it our mission to find the greatest possible sense of balance.”

While Jupiter retrograde crashes on your sofa bed, it’s going to let you know if the person you’re seeing is the one or if you should move onto the next. Put your faith in the universe to lead you to the love that you are supposed to have. Jupiter retrograde is the wingwoman you never knew you needed.

Is Jupiter retrograde your new BFF? Maybe! It’s definitely going to help us all succeed in many important aspects of our lives — mostly those parts that we usually like to turn a blind eye to. Grab an extra bottle of wine and get ready to do some soul searching.

Oh, and Jupiter retrograde loves a good veggie pizza. It might be a nice gesture to place an order before it gets here.

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