Jupiter Is Entering Aquarius—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

It might be time to save your money.

Jupiter, mindful planet of luck, will be in Aquarius from December 19th, 2020 to May 13th, 2021 and then again from July 28th, 2021 to December 28th, 2021. During this time, you’ll be open to new philosophies as well as innovative advances in the world at large.

Scroll below to read your Jupiter in Aquarius horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Keep your LinkedIn and social media accounts updated and activated at all times. Doing this will help you make more professional connections than ever before. Also, you may even align with others in the same field and industry who can help advance your career in the future.


Professional opportunities seem to be landing in your lap without any work or effort. People are wanting to work and collaborate with you out of the blue, which will totally boost your bank account and personal finances now. Enjoy the successes that are coming your way. You absolutely deserve it!


You are yearning to learn more about the world around you at the moment. The caveat is that your education may not change your views, but it will help you see and understand others better. Try to be open and receptive to new philosophies that you are learning this year.


You’re a genius at unraveling mysteries and doing detective work. This will be useful throughout the year as you’ll begin to intuitively know what’s on everyone’s mind, even when they’re not expressing it. Lean into your gut now and embrace the taboo areas of your life.


Your heart is expanding and growing, making you want to give your all to your current relationship. The caveat is that you and your partner may experience jealousy with the other (even though you aren’t seeing anyone else), pushing you both to have snippy arguments that are combined with passion and lust.


You have high morals and standards when it comes to business dealings and arrangements, which means that you will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Remember to always trust your gut and ask for more. You never know; your employer may agree with your case and cause.


You are in the mood to take more risks and lean into your luck. Before rolling the dice, make sure you are aware of all the pitfalls that can occur as well as all of the amazing wins you can have. This will help to keep your whims in check.


Real talk: You’re feeling confined in your home, making you yearn for a bigger living space. Before you commit to one location or lease, see what else is out there. You may find a place that is larger than your current pad and near greenery (which is what you want).


Your mind is expanding and evolving, which is helping you learn more about yourself. This will make you want to connect with others on a philosophical and soulful level. You’ll only want to have deep conversations about important matters such as politics, the environment, and the economy with your friends.


Your financial situation is changing—for better or worse. The lesson here is to stop overspending on luxury items and to save your dollars for the future. You may need to dip into your savings soon, which is why it’s important to have extra cash in that account now.


You’re feeling as though the world is your oyster and anything is possible. Just don’t let your optimism get in the way of making smart decisions for yourself, as you may get blinded by the light and want to cut corners by choosing avenues that aren’t particularly savory or legit.


Spending time alone in the comforts of your own thoughts will bring you much joy, mostly because you’re allowing yourself to lean into your heartfelt sentiments, desires, and goals. If you fully believe in your innermost dreams and trust the process of achieving them, then they can come to fruition now.

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