Jupiter enters Capricorn this week, and it’s time to get honest about this past year of growth

Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn today and will remain there until December 2020. While Jupiter in Sagittarius was truly powerful, we saw its effects all over the collective with a rise in belief in religion and spirituality, new-age matters, and psychology. Plus, there was an overall awakening to the powers of the mind with an increased focus on things like manifesting, setting intentions, and journaling to your future self.

Even though Jupiter entering the sign of Capricorn is not as exciting, it’s much more stable. Let me explain: Jupiter is expansive, ridiculously excessive, and ungrounded, and it wants growth above all. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, nothing is ever enough. We reach for the stars, and once we reach them, we say, “What else?” Of course, this time is growth-inducing, but it’s also restless and fickle in a sense.

Now that Jupiter is in Capricorn, it’s going to allow us to ground all of the work we have done for the last year.

Since we’ve grown and explored a thousand avenues, Jupiter in Capricorn says, “Growth is cool, but what are we doing with this? Does it give us dollar bills? A mortgage? More stability? Where are the results, and can we make it last?”

Sagittarius is the sign of the debater, the philosopher, the dreamer, the teacher, and the one who argues for hours about the meaning of life. Capricorn could not care less.

Capricorn wants to know how are we going to live day-by-day, with what means and logistics? How are we making an impact? What results do we have to show?

Jupiter in Sagittarius says, “I have an idea!” Jupiter in Capricorn says, “What does it give me?” There is a no-nonsense, grounded, practical, down-to-earth, and realistic aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, and after a year of collective existential crisis, Jupiter in Capricorn now says, “Let’s get real and talk about the things that matter in our day-to-day life.”

For this upcoming year, we can expect to have an increased focus on stability. We want material stability, stronger foundations, and better discipline. Whatever you have been focused on developing and growing for the last year, now is the time to ask the serious questions: How does it serve me? How can I implement it in a way that benefits me? What’s my return on investment? How can I use these new skills to serve my long-term goals? 

This year, we’re also collectively more committed and less fickle. We can expect an increased focus on the matters of ethics in business, politics, and finance. 

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