9 reasons why “Juno” is still one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen

High school is said to be one of the toughest experiences. From freaking over grades to worrying about if that cute guy is actually going to ask you to prom, high school can take a toll on your emotional health. Throwing anything else stressful into the mix is a recipe for disaster, and we totally saw that first hand with Diablo Cody’s 2007 dramedy Juno.

We absolutely fell in love with Ellen Page’s comedic skills, but her sincerity in the role of a pregnant teenager opened us up to thinking about teen pregnancy in a more positive light. Juno’s comedic timing, the support she received from her loving family, and the dialogue started surrounding a young person’s choice, are just some of the things that makes Juno one of the greatest movies ever. Check out the full list of other quirky reasons I fell in love with the flick below!


1. Katrina Devort’s stink eye.

Honestly one of the best stink eyes I’ve ever seen.

2. Ellen Page’s acting is superb.

Mentioned before, and I’ll totally mention it again. Ellen Page is awesome.


3. The perfectly crafted soundtrack to Paulie Bleaker and Juno’s relationship.

So young, free and in love, the music selection did a great job at reflecting this!

4 .The differences in maturity between the males and females in the film being highlighted.

Juno picking up Paulie’s slack with their pregnancy, Vanessa mommy’ing Mark in their marriage, and assessing Juno’s level of responsibility in her family opposed to Paulie’s in his, are all true testaments to how much faster women mature over men.


5. Jennifer Garner’s sincere performance as an adoptive mom.

She displays the perfect mix between desperation and excitement, and I loved every bit of it.

6. The film showing teenage pregnancy in another light.

Teen moms don’t always have baby daddy drama or battle with homelessness, sometimes they’re just regular girls who ended up “sporting the evidence under their sweater.”


7. Juno really helped to showcase a woman’s strength.

To touch on the immaturity level of the men in the film again — Juno seriously didn’t have Paulie to depend on, or anyone else for that matter. While she definitely had her family and friend to lean on,  she totally had to make all of the decisions regarding the pregnancy alone.

8. The crew did a great job at accurately showing the scrutiny that single girls and women face when they’re pregnant and unmarried.

The looks, the stares, the unsolicited commits about you and the baby’s well-being — everything was spot on!

9. The punchlines.

To help balance out the drama in the movie, the actors delivered the greatest punchlines I think I’ve ever heard in the genre. Ones like, “Geez, Spermy. Must you always feed,” and “Don’t think it’s yours just because you marked it with your urine,” have been said in my most inappropriate life moments, and I’m totally OK with that.


Yep. It’s definitely a classic in my book.

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