Here’s what the ~Queen Bee~ Junior Plastic from “Mean Girls” looks like now

Not a day goes by where we don’t think about our favorite teen movie Mean Girls. From the hilarious acting to the insanely quotable dialogue (“Is butter a carb?”) we’re pretty certain we’ll never stop loving this iconic movie. One of the things we loved MOST about Mean Girls was, of course, the stellar cast – and we’re not just talking about the insanely talented leads… Let’s not forget about the awesome supporting cast, too! We’ve seen what both the Mathlete Girl and Crying Girl are up to these days, but what about the next gen of ~mean girls~?

The Junior Plastics!


The Queen Bees of North Shore’s freshman class looked just as fierce (and, well, scary) as the original plastics, but obviously they had some unique characteristics of their own. It was a brief, but memorable, appearance and we were curious what the “Young Regina” of the group was up to now. Turns out…she’s doing fantastic!

For a reminder, here’s the Junior Plastic ~Queen Bee~ then…


…and here she is now!

Played by young actor Tara Shelley then, this younger incarnation of Regina George certainly made her mark in the movie with only a few moments of screen time.

And she continues to make her mark today!

In real life, Tara continues to act, having worked on a number of film and TV projects post-Mean Girls including the Nickelodeon original movie series Roxy Hunter and a part in an upcoming indie film called The Lemon Grove.

And she’s also clearly LOVING LIFE with this adorable pup.

This is one Mean Girls Queen Bee who grew up to be a true Queen in real life and that’s so fetch!

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