Daniel Radcliffe is a longgggg way from Hogwarts in this “Jungle” trailer

Daniel Radcliffe portrayed one of the bravest and most powerful wizards the world has ever seen, but magic won’t help him out in this upcoming adventure. The trailer for Jungle shows Radcliffe happily exploring the world. Only, his explorations take him a little too far, and the dangers become more real as he goes farther and farther off the beaten path.

So, what happens to Harry Potter?!

The trailer starts off sweet enough. Radcliffe’s Yossi charms with his excitement to see the world. And, from the looks of it, wandering around as a perpetual tourist seems to suit him well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcoBDgJ3ZBw

He soon heads deep in the Bolivian jungle with a group of like-minded fellas (and a fraudulent guide), and it’s not long before things go awry. They’re abandoned in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by danger, scary animals, and bugs — some of which Yossi seems to be facing on his own.

But, at least his will to survive seems to stay pretty strong throughout the intense two minutes we experience with him. (So, in that sense he’s like our dear ol’ Harry.)

And this isn’t the first time Radcliffe has ventured out of Hogwarts and into the unknown. 2016’s  Swiss Army Man showed that the actor was more than willing to take big risks, and on a deserted island at that.

Directed by Greg McLean, the movie is inspired by Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir. And given that this is based on a true story, we’re optimistic that Radcliffe’s character will make it through as well.

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