June’s Over, Guys: 6 Things to do Before Summer Passes You By

It can’t be! We’re already in July! WHAT?! It seems like just yesterday we were all finishing up our semesters and spending hours upon hours studying for those last few finals. Oh, did I say studying? I meant online bathing suit shopping. And 4th of July just happened and that was a serious wake-up call that June is OVER. But don’t fret, July is not September and we’ve still got some time to check all of those items off of our Sucket (summer bucket) Lists.

1. Splash Around in Some Water

This doesn’t have to be a full on beach day (but it very well could be if you like sun and waves and sand in various crevices), I’m talking on a lower scale though. Channel your inner five-year-old self and run through some sprinklers. Or better yet, fill up some water balloons and hurl them at unsuspecting family members to start a brawl that could rival The Battle of Yorktown.

2. Make a Change

Summer is all about transitions, so why not try something a little bit different? You could do something drastic, like cutting your hair… or do something subtle, like changing your lotion. If you always go straight for the black in the nail salon because black is the color of angst and coolness (guilty), try something else. I went for turquoise this week. It kind of scared me a bit this morning when I woke up and something so bright was right next to my face, but I kind of like it. I rebelled against my rebellious nail color. So now I am the ultimate rebel and no one can stop me.

3. Read a Book

Ugh this one suuuuuucks, I know. BUT books make you think, and thinking makes you smart, and being smart is just the best. Plus you can go back to school and be that really annoying friend that is always talking about this AMAZING book that everyone just HAS to read because it changed their life. And, hey, maybe it actually will.

4. Go Camping

When you get there: smell some grass, touch some dirt, maybe even hug a tree if you feel like it. Even if you’re not into the whole nature thing, do this one simply because graham crackers with marshmallows and chocolate are the best thing to ever be joined together. Do it for the marshmallows.

5. Take a Road Trip

Grab some friends, some snacks, some tunes, and go on an adventure. There are probably some really awesome places an hour or two from where you live that you don’t even know about. Be Columbus! Discover America! (That is now TWO ­– count them, TWO – historical jokes that I have put in this article, you’re welcome friends.)

6. Do Something That Scares You

This one is probably the hardest one on the list because it makes you realize a comfort zone and then completely demolish it. If you don’t like the dark and/or exercising, go on a night hike with some friends while the weather is still warm. If you are scared of embarrassing yourself in front of others, try riding a mechanical bull like the one at Saddle Ranch on Sunset. Or if heights make you queasy, jump off of something: a cliff above the ocean, a waterfall, really anything that is significantly raised above water (safely, please). When you’re done with this one, you’ll feel really good about yourself and what you can accomplish. Plus, it makes this summer one to remember! So in twenty years from now you can turn to your friend and say, “Hey, remember that time you threw up at Saddle Ranch?”

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