Your June Tarot Card Reading, According to Your Zodiac Sign

New opportunities will be created for you.

The word for this month’s tarotscopes is “balance.” As retrograde and eclipse season continue to create space in your life for new opportunities, you are being asked to trust the Universe when you feel you need to surrender versus take action. There will be many paths to take, so choose wisely.

Below is your June tarotscopes. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


June Tarotscopes

Card: Wheel of Fortune

Finally, things are moving forward for you, Aries! No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for life to pick up speed. The sign you’ve been looking for has presented itself to you. Let’s get going!


June Tarotscopes

Card: Four of Swords

This month, you’re being called to bring a sense of calm to all situations. Keeping a level head will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Take the path of least resistance and maintain your grounding. Rest and relaxation will be important.


June Tarotscopes

Card: Page of Wands

You’re ready to hit the ground running. You have a plan and the inspiration to get it started so things will take off fast. Tap into your staying power this month to reach your end goal.


June Tarotscopes

Card: Eight of Wands

There will be a lot of people involved in your plans this month but try not to get lost in the opinions of others. Make sure that you are staying true to your initial goal and intentions. It’s always nice to have a second opinion, but just make sure you’re not losing sight of your vision.


June Tarotscopes

Card: Death (Reversed)

The changes that you’ve seen recently have been hard to accept but they are necessary for your growth. Making peace with the past and allowing the old to fall away will only make room for opportunities more aligned with your greatness. You’re almost to the other side of things. Don’t give up now.


June Tarotscopes

Card: Fool (Reversed)

Your spirit has been nudging you to take a risk for a while now but you’ve been resisting it. Don’t allow your fear of failure to prevent you from pursuing your purpose. This opportunity is meant for you, so prepare yourself to face your fears. You won’t regret it!


June Tarotscopes

Card: Seven of Wands

It’s important that you protect your energy this month, Libra. A lot of people will be contacting you for collaborations and new work opportunities—but not all of them will be worth your time and effort. Trust your intuition to guide you down the right paths.


June Tarotscopes

Card: Justice

All of your hard work has led you to this moment. You’ve been working toward something you didn’t even know was on the horizon—but here it is. Luck is when fate meets preparation so get ready to celebrate. Congrats!


June Tarotscopes

Card: Two of Wands

You’ve had the ability to predict your future so you’ve made the choices necessary to set yourself up for success. It seems as if everything has just magically fallen into place but really you’ve created this moment for yourself. Take time out to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.


june tarotscopes

Card: Five of Wands (Reversed)

All at once, your obstacle leaves your life. You’ve been waiting for peace and here it is. Finally, you have space to breathe and process everything that’s happened recently. You deserve this break so soak it up.


june tarotscopes

Card: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

The clarity you’ve been seeking allows you to move forward in an informed way. You know exactly what action to take and you’re excited for where it will lead you. Enjoy the lighthearted vibes you’re coming into this month.


june tarotscopes

Card: Ace of Cups

A new supportive connection has come in to remind you of how sweet life can be. Balance this new romance with all the new work opportunities coming your way to live in true bliss and success. Everything is finally coming together and it feels goooood!