Calm down, The Rock just let everyone know that the new “Jumanji” is NOT a reboot

When a precious movie from your childhood is rebooted, you are either like “YES, I’VE BEEN WAITING MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS,” or you’re like “boooo, how dare you touch my favorite VHS from when I was six.”

So when a new Jumanji movie was announced earlier this year, everyone seemed to fall into one of these two categories. The 1995 movie was probably one of the first to completely scare the bejesus out of you, and in hindsight it probably holds a huge place in your heart because of the late Robin Williams. So could The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas really do a remake justice?

Well, rest assured. The Jumanji movie isn’t actually a remake. It’s not even a reboot. It’s, very simply, a sequel.

Taking to Instagram, The Rock (aka, Dwayne Johnson, but it’s just so much fun to always call him The Rock), reassured the world that this new movie is actually a continuation and that it hopes to “honor the legend of ‘Alan Parris‘” — aka, Williams’ character in the OG movie.

Of course this new Jumanji will be a continuation of the first, because if you remember correctly, the Jumanji book is still out there. At the very very end of the OG movie, Alan throws the book into the river, and sometime later, the book washes up on the beach in France. This new Jumanji is actually set to take place in Hawaii…which means that someone else has probably thrown the book into a body of water over the last 20 years. Hope this new crew knows exactly what they’re getting into.