Try one of these Full Buck Moon rituals to get what you really want out of life

July’s Full Buck Moon is almost upon us. At 5:38 p.m. EDT on July 16th, the Full Buck Moon will peak in the late afternoon sky. We may not be able to see it at its peak, but those of you with lunar intuition will absolutely be able to feel its effect. If you’re like us and like to take advantage of the full moon to work some magic, we have just the rituals for you. This month, it’s all about focusing and getting what you want out of life. Break out that vision board you’ve stashed away, because it’s time to put that baby to use.

Because of when and where the Full Buck Moon occurs, it creates the perfect environment to ask for and receive what we desire.

Get excited, because good things are about to happen. But it’s up to you to actually make them happen. With some help from the Full Buck Moon, send your positive vibes into the atmosphere and manifest your own destiny. Are you looking to make a career move? Actively applying to new jobs? Wanting to turn that hobby into a full-time gig? Now’s the time to demand that the universe helps you out—demand nicely, that is.

Release your inner Capricorn.

July’s full moon sits firmly in Capricorn, the zodiac sign ruled by the grounded planet Saturn. Capricorn is driven, disciplined, and a firm believer in the importance of tradition and family values. Symbolized by the sea-goat, Capricorn is able to strive for peak success while also being unafraid to dive down to various depths and explore the unknown.

Because Capricorn is a goal-oriented sign and loves to dabble in a good business venture, allow the light of the full Capricorn moon to guide your own business endeavors. Have you been thinking of starting an online shop? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to dabble in graphic design or quit your nine-to-five and live the freelance life. Or, maybe you just need a kick in the butt when it comes to starting that new painting/novel/script/what have you.

Now is a perfect time to set some professional goals for yourself. Sit down with your notebook and map out checkpoints on your route to success. “I will allot myself X amount of time to work on my illustrations every day.” “I will reach out to these galleries by the end of the week.” “I’m giving myself a budget of this much money to enter festivals and competitions.” “I’m going to become my own boss, damnit, and here’s how.”

Basically, what we’re saying is: Be the Miranda Priestly to your own Andy Sachs.

As any Capricorn will tell you, good things come to those who work for them and put in the effort. Sorry, but waiting around isn’t going to get you anywhere. Borrow those antlers from Capricorn and the Full Buck Moon to charge forth and get what you want.

Cast a Blessing Moon Spell to give thanks to Mother Earth.

According to, July’s full moon is sometimes called the Blessing Moon because it’s at this time of year when we are blessed with all of Mother Earth’s riches. If you’re a veggie-grower, you know that the tail-end of July brings the ripening of tomatoes, squash, beans, and corn. Late-blooming flowers bud out and bees collect their pollen. We’re warmed by the summer sun, bathed in refreshing thunder showers, and lulled to sleep by the cool dusky breeze.

James Kambos of recommends partaking in a Blessing Moon spell to center yourself and connect to Mother Earth to give thanks for what she’s given us. Beginning your ritual at dusk, fill your workspace or altar with vases of fresh flowers and light burgundy and/or green candles. Next, fill a clear glass bowl with spring water (drawing water from a local natural water source is best). Stir the water in a clockwise direction with your finger.

Take the bowl outside or to a window in which the full moon is visible. Raise the bowl until you can see the Blessing Moon through the water. Say: You who have been known by many names, and have shed your light on our Earth since time began, bless us with the bounty of the field and the vine. 

Watch the moonlight glint in the water as you swirl it around the bowl. Then, pour the water back onto the Earth or the source from which it came, taking note of the sounds and sights of nature around you.

Take advantage of Tuesday with a success spell.

Because the full moon peaks on a Tuesday evening, it sets us up with a great opportunity to put the powers of Mars, its ruling planet, to work. Similar to career-oriented Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), Aries, the zodiac sign of Mars, is often focused on desire, aggression, competition, and passion. For that reason, Tuesday is an ideal day to cast spells pertaining to achieving success in specific areas of your life—specifically your professional or sex life.

Take note of what it is you wish to be successful in doing. Then, follow through with this Commanding Spell from Gillian Kemp’s The Good Spell Book. As Kemp claims, this spell “will place you on the threshold of success. It may also be used to increase your personal power before an important meeting.”

First, light a blue candle in front of a mirror, because blue is an influential color. Sit at the mirror and stare into your own eyes, searching for your own soul. Ask for and envision a circle of gold light around you, which protects and heals you. Repeat your name 21 times. Then, speak your wish and repeat it 21 times. Blow out the candle and wait for success.

Now is the time to chase your dreams. Get those goals achieved. Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. Let the Full Buck Moon help you out, and above all else, have fun being your most successful self.

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