What is Juliette Danielle from “The Room” up to now?

If you know it, you love it and also slightly fear it. The Room is a cult classic film well-known perhaps for being so bad that sometimes, if you watch it enough times in the right mood, it almost circles back around to being…well, not good. But something worth watching just ‘cause it’s so bizarre. Juliette Danielle was the lead actress of this cult classic, and like everybody involved in this movie… We have a lot of questions about how it even happened, but also about what they’re doing now!

Luckily, Juliette Danielle has a website to clue us in!

On her “about” page, she talks about how she hid for a long time after starring in The Room — not everybody appreciates the absolute uniqueness, there. She claims to be “out of hiding now” and back into acting.

She’s recently had roles in films like Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws, and a recurring role in a web series called “IRL.”

And of course, with the semi-recent resurgence of The Room fanaticism, Juliette has also reprised her role in a short called Have You Checked on Denny? She also appeared on a TV series exploring where the actors from The Room have been since it came out. We’re sure it’s hard as a young actress to be involved with something that’s sort of known for being bad, but we’re glad she’s embracing it now!

Despite her seemingly fairly successful rebooted acting career, Juliette describes herself as “mostly retired.” She now does freelancing — graphic design, marketing, and social media — and all around seems like somebody we totally want to hang out with?

I’m also a Scentsy Consultant, runner, wrestling fan, Netflix binge watcher, artist, a volunteer in my community and at my church. And, despite some pretty serious allergies, I am a kitty mom of four. I’m also really good at browsing Facebook and liking things.

So, uh, yeah. Call us, Juliette. We totally wanna hang.

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