Julie Larson-Green Powers Up

Lady-gamers haven’t exactly been welcomed with open arms and a fruit basket into the world of video games. In fact, it’s been just the opposite — rape jokes, sexual harassment and violent threats have clouded the gaming industry for years, despite women making up around 45 percent of players. What’s the big deal, dudes? Don’t like that our dainty fingers can mash buttons faster and harder than yours? Think my buxom avatar is distracting? Whatever the reason, Julie Larson-Green is about to level us ladies UP.

Larson-Green was recently promoted to head up a new division over at Microsoft called “Devices and Studios Engineering Group.” This sector will fold into Microsoft’s Xbox division and will include many of the responsibilities that were previously held by Don Mattrick, who left the company for a CEO position at online gaming haven, Zynga.

Naturally, some bros are fuming. These bros clearly haven’t done their homework on Larson-Green though, otherwise they’d realize that they’re in good hands with the 20-year Microsoft vet and self-taught programmer — good, soft, well-manicured hands (assumption).

Previously, LG was the head of Windows products and often worked with game developers when she was overseeing improvements for Windows 7 and 8. She was also responsible for the design and engineering changes made to Microsoft Office in 2007 and earned her Microsoft’s “outstanding technical leadership” award, so you could say that she’s kind of qualified and kind of knows the company kind of well. Just kind of.

Featured image via Huffington Post

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