Julie Delpy: Real Women Don’t Have Sex In Bras

Julie Delpy has a certain je ne sais quoi about her. She’s one of those French women who does Parisian chic in a totally effortless way. Probably because she was born in Paris. But also because of her nonchalant attitude when it comes to a little tasteful nudity. Delpy currently stars alongside Ethan Hawke in Before Midnight, the highly-anticipated third installment in the romance drama trilogy about a couple at a crossroads. Delpy recently spoke about playing a realistic female lead with authentic sex scenes — sans bra.

This was actually my biggest gripe with Sex and the City. Well, Carrie’s sex scenes in Sex and the City, rather. I’m pretty sure I could paint Miranda’s ta-tas from memory. But Carrie was ALWAYS getting down in a bra AND waking up in one. And in my humble experience, that only happens when there’s heavy drinking involved.

Yet, Julie didn’t stop keeping it real there. Because while even actresses with the bangin’-est of bodies use body doubles to prevent their imperfections from being magnified on the big screen, Delpy let it all hang out:

Is that what we all get at forty with no plastic surgery? Please?

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock

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