Julie Andrews taught Stephen Colbert how to be picture perfect by saying one surprising word, and, no, it’s not “cheese”

Julie Andrews is one of the most iconic and remarkable performers of our time. She’s played some of our most favorite roles and has become part of our childhoods. Who among us hasn’t sat in front of Mary Poppins hundreds of times or watched The Princess Diaries over and over?

Not only is she a talented performer and accomplished actress, she is also a delightful and beautiful person. Julie Andrews appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and offered some very handy advice for the host. In the age of constant selfies, this is advice we can all use.

Andrews gifts Stephen Colbert with a bit of advice about how to appear natural and effortless in photos. Much like she always does. The trick is to say “money” instead of cheese, and it works every time. Andrews says it’s foolproof.

"There's something about it," she adds. "It drops the jaw a bit and makes you smile nicely."


Dame Andrews admits she didn’t originate the tip. It was told to her, but it works pretty well. Seriously, I just tried it. If don’t believe me, you can always take Stephen Colbert’s word for it.

He tried it too, and lo and behold, he gave us a great smile too. Not that he needs any help in that department. Colbert has a great smile, already, but this trick takes his grin to the next level.

You must count down from three and then say the word “money” out loud. For it to really work, however, you should probably think about money too. And just for good measure, you could think about all the new shoes and tacos money could buy you. Because, like Colbert says, “it puts you in a good mood.”