Julianne Hough has a “code word” for serious conversations with her husband, and we kind of love this idea

Tell us if this situation feels familiar. You’re minding your own business when your significant other turns to you and says “we need to talk.” That phrase can conjure up everything from fear to an eye-roll. Regardless, nobody loves having “the talk.” For Julianne Hough and her husband Brooks Laich, they use a code word whenever they need to have a serious conversation. Instead of saying “Hey, I have a problem” or “We need to talk” — Hough says they use the code word: “same team.”

“We actually have a code phrase that we use. It’s ‘same team.’ So if one of us feels we need to have a ‘conversation,’ we preface it with that. Like: ‘Hey, ‘same team.’ I love you, but you hurt my feelings.’ So the other person goes into it with an open mind, versus being immediately defensive,” Hough told Redbook.

We love this because an innocuous phrase like “same team” is totally disarming. “We need to talk” has somehow become a scary sentence in modern romances, so we love the twist that Hough has put on it. We’re sure some may argue that a couple should be able to talk freely and shouldn’t cringe at the thought of having “a talk,” but there’s a lot of things that humans “should” do, so we love when couples find options that work for them.

Hough also adds that another thing that helps her marriage run smoothly is to embrace “every little victory.”

"We celebrate every little victory," she adds. "Sometimes we’ll have a special date night, and other times we’ll toast over dinner at home.

What do you and your partner do to keep the communication flowing in your relationship?

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