Julianne Hough accessorizes her outfit with puppies, we faint from the cuteness

We run under the idea that there are three types of people in the world when it comes to puppies. You either do whatever you can to avoid them because you’re afraid, or you consider yourself indifferent and they make no impact on your life, or you’re the third type of person who is borderline OBSESSED.

We love puppies because they’re adorable and make the world a happier place to be, and nyone who takes our personal love of pups and one-ups their own obsession is a goddess in our books.


Julianne Hough joins that rank. The 28-year-old dancer posted a photo to her Instagram page today that makes us nearly faint from cuteness because she’s using her two adorable pups as accessories to her casual outfit.

Wearing short shorts and a fun patterned jacket, the Dancing with the Stars judge accessorized her look with a cute puppy in her purse on the left, and another dog in her arms on the right.

It’s clear from looking through her Instagram page that she’s would likely consider herself the borderline obsessive dog fan.

She’s not afraid to give her pups a smooch on the lips.

She lets her dogs pursue their passions in the pool.

And she always makes enough room for both of them on her lap.

Dog people are some of the best kind of people, so we’re predicting the dog accessorizing trend will always make us smile.

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