This is the cute story behind that photo of Julia Stiles singing onstage with Prince

A couple months ago, in the wake of Prince’s death, Julia Stiles posted a photo on Instagram of her singing on stage with him. In the slightly grainy photo, she’s wearing a VIP pass on a lanyard and has the most exuberant look on her face — and understandably so, because who wouldn’t if they got the chance to sing ONSTAGE with PRINCE? Julia kept the photo caption simple — “R.I.P to an amazing talent” — which left us all to wonder, “What’s the story behind this photo?”

Finally, in an interview with Yahoo, Julia is spilling the beans. It turns out that they met at a movie premiere and Prince invited her to the concert . . . then pulled her up onstage:

What an amazing story. “He had such a commanding personality, although he was very soft-spoken,” Julia added. “There’s a reason why he’s such a legend. And also I just love his music, as a lot of people do. So I was just in awe.” We can imagine!

So awesome of Prince to share the stage with Julia and so awesome of her to share this memory with us!

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