The ultra-private Julia Roberts has joined Instagram, and who do we thank for this?

We’ve got another convert! The ultra-private Julia Roberts has finally joined Instagram. Roberts once swore off social media (more on that later), but maybe she saw other previously anti-Instagram stars — like Jennifer Garner — thriving after joining the app and decided to give it a whirl.

Roberts joined the photo-sharing platform late on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, and so far she only has two photos, one of her in a “Love” sweater and another with her stylist Elizabeth Stewart in matching graphic tees that say, “You can’t make everyone happy, you are not an avocado.” Imagine if Roberts’s brand were just graphic tees? That would be amazing.

Her bio is iconic, it simply says “human,” which is a clever antidote to the usual Hollywood bio which is often like: “entrepreneur, actor, magician, dj. For bookings contact [email protected].”

Though she’s only been on the app a couple days, Roberts already knows all the Instagram best practices, like disabling comments.

There have been several stars who previously swore off social media but ultimately joined the craze. Roberts told InStyle in 2016 that she didn’t want to join Instagram because she didn’t want to get addicted to it.

"Listen, I don’t have my head in the sand," she told the publication. "I’m aware of the different outlets, however you label them. It’s like people talking about a TV show: I can be perfectly aware of the TV show and the story, but it doesn’t mean I watch it. I have other friends who watch it, and they tell me about it. I mean, we were talking about Instagram. Everyone has Instagram on their phone. And I just, yeah, [if I had it] I would be looking at it all the time."

Here’s the thing: She will be looking at it all the time. Once she discovers Instagram Stories and IGTV, it’s over. Welcome to the ‘gram, Roberts!