Julia Roberts just recreated the most famous scene from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with a little help from Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz

Talk about heartwarming — Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Winslet starred in a little sing-along featuring the famous My Best Friend’s Wedding scene. The 1997 film starred Roberts and Dionne Warwick 1967 song, “I Say a Little Prayer.” If you don’t recall the scene, an entire room full of guests bursts out in song (including some amazing crab-clawed waiters.)

The scene was recreated at Lancome’s Stars & Wonders Gala in California this week, thanks to the intrepid Penelope Cruz.

When the crowd started singing, Cruz started recording, and luckily, shared the tribute with us.

Penelope Cruz streamed on Instagram from the event, where she made her way over to Kate Winslet, and then found Julia Roberts seated near the front. The Instagram video currently has over 250,000 views, which is crazy! All three women were singing, along with a very large crowd in the venue. It’s so hilarious to watch such an iconic scene recreated!

Of course, we can’t show you the tribute without adding in the original. Check out Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and a rabble rousing Rupert Everett:


This definitely capped off a good week for Julia Roberts, who was just named People‘s “Most Beautiful Woman” for 2017.

"I think I'm currently peaking," she said about her beauty.

Ok, hang on, where’s our old VHS player? We’ve got to watch My Best Friend’s Wedding so we can sing along!

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