Is Julia Roberts really going to hear from Chandler Bing today?

There are fans and then there are FANS, those who impressively remember every single detail about the thing they’re devoted to. Today, we’re definitely dealing with the latter, since a Redditor just reminded us all that today’s a very important day in the Friends universe.


20 years ago, on this very day in January, an episode aired called “The One after the Super Bowl, part 2.” It featured Julia Roberts, who played Susie Moss, a childhood friend of Chandler Bing’s. At one point, she steals all his clothes and leaves him stuck inside a toilet cubicle with only his underwear. Why, you ask? Because he once pulled up her skirt, revealing her underwear to their entire class, when they were in fourth grade. She then became known as “Susie Underpants” until she was 18. (Because their peers were, apparently, not very creative.)


As Moss is leaving the bathroom with Chandler’s clothes, he screams, “How could you still be upset about that?!”

Susie’s expert response, “Why don’t you call me in 20 years and tell me if you’re still upset about this?” (You go, Susie!)

Well, it’s now 20 years later, so will Chandler Bing/Matthew Perry be giving Susie Moss/Julia Roberts a call?

Unfortunately… probably not.


Perry recently admitted that he doesn’t remember a good chunk of Friends, stating that he was “a little out of it at the time.” He was coping with an alcohol and prescription drugs addiction during this stage of his life, but has fortunately recovered and even opened up his own rehab center to help others.

Though there may not be a call shared between the two actors today, at least we still have this beautiful clip commemorating their time together on Friends:

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