Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks to millennials about voting for HRC in this super funny, super Julia Louis-Dreyfusy PSA

There are only six days to go until voting day (!), and Entertainment Weekly let us know that Julia Louis-Dreyfus endorsed Clinton and slammed Trump over climate change in a NextGen PSA. We’ve seen several videos encouraging us to vote so far, from Joss Whedon’s latest PSA starring Chris Pine to the one where Ben Affleck revived his Boston accent and more, but this one is just so…Dreyfusy!

She’s at the top of her game, addressing millennials directly about voting for the reality they want (i.e. not the reality in her show Veep), and as well as the fact that only one of the two major candidates on the ballot acknowledge climate change as an important issue.


"I play a bombastic, woman-hating, narcissistic politician on my show, and it’s really super-fun to watch because, let’s face it, I’m extremely talented. But it’s not a reality that any of us really wants."

She goes on to mention how Trump doesn’t talk about climate change because it doesn’t have a “grabbable pussy,” and that right there is why we love Julia Louis-Dreyfus so much. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is (and we don’t know how she said that with a straight face). It’s genius.

"Hillary Clinton knows that climate change is real, and she understands its disastrous consequences."

Here’s the reminder we must ALL remember!

"On November 8th, slide out of those DMs, take a break from Pokeman Go if that's like, still a thing - I have no idea - and vote for Hillary Clinton for president."

Okay, we are inspired, we are very amused, and now we wanna go binge watch Veep and everything else that’s been given the Dreyfus magic touch.

And most importantly, see you at the polls!