Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared a video her sons made for her last day of chemo, and I’m not crying, you’re crying

Some big news out of the office of the Former President of the United States of America: Today is the *last* day of chemotherapy for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year.

The Emmy-winning actress — who has perfectly played Veep/President/Former Veep and President Selina Meyer — has been undergoing chemotherapy to treat the cancer. She has been sharing her journey along the way with all of us, because we love her, and we literally only want the best for her. Production on Veep’s seventh and final season was also juggled around to accommodate JLD’s treatment, and she has kept a positive, upbeat outlook since she first announced this back in September.

And now, she’s here to announce that her chemo is finally done, and rather than post a celebratory Instagram, she’s instead sharing what her sons sent her. Her sons with husband Brad Hall, Henry and Charlie, put together a cute little video where they jam out to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” — obviously to signify that it’s about time the cancer BEAT IT out of JLD’s body.

Oh, wait, also did I say cute video? I mean to say incredibly cry-worthy, because come on, they’re celebrating their mom, our president, JLD finishing chemo. It deserves a good cry.


Her sons aren’t the only ones celebrating this victory right now. When Julia finishes with her cancer treatment, we’re all rootng for her.


Also JLD’s birthday is in *two* days, so yeah, this milestone is a pretty good reason to really celebrate extra hard this year. We’re sending JLD all our love and the best. We need this former President now more than ever.