Julia Louis-Dreyfus shares what she went through surgery following her breast cancer diagnosis, and her post-op pic is absolutely radiant

Last fall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing treatment for it. Her social media posts were barely live on their respective sites before the outpouring of love and admiration for her began flowing in — because nothing but respect for MY president veep.

The funny lady and multiple Emmy winner has been very candid about her cancer treatment, sharing updates and pictures to document her journey, along with messages to her from others (anyone else still crying about the video her sons made for her on her last day of chemo?). And now, once again, she’s shared another update on social media, and in this one, she actually reveals that she recently had surgery to treat the cancer.

While JLD doesn’t go into details about what kind of surgery it was — whether it was to remove something like a tumor, or a mastectomy  — she does reveal that she’s “feeling great” following the surgery, and wow, the happy tears are coming hard and fast about this.

JLD also reveals that this is her “first photo” following the operation but doesn’t mention when it actually happened, let alone when this picture was taken. However, that is all besides the point, because we’re just so happy to see JLD feeling amazing and looking amazing. She is nothing but radiant and glowing in her pictures, and it’s so perfect that let’s go ahead and post it twice:

The photo’s cation also includes that she’s “ready to rock,” aka get back to work on the final season of Veep. The last season of the HBO show was already supposed to be in production right now, but due to JLD’s diagnosis, it was postponed to give her time to rest and recover. But now it sounds like she’s ready and raring to go and we’re so happy. As always, sending all the love in the world to JLD, her family, Veep, and Gary.