Get to know our fabulous new astrologer: Julia, aka Look Up the Stars

Here at HG, we love bringing you your weekly horoscope, your monthly full and new moon readings, and all the info about planetary transits you need to live your best life (we’re looking at you, Mercury Retrograde). We pride ourselves on offering those readings in a voice that’s friendly, supportive, and feminist, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new astrologer: Julia, aka Look Up the Stars.

If you follow Julia on Instagram (and there’s a good chance you do!) you’ll know she’s a trained, longtime astrologer who loves to empower women with her no BS readings. She speaks the truth, y’all, and we know you’re going to love her.

We sent Julia a few questions to help you get to know her better—look out for her first weekly horoscope this Sunday, March 31st.

What’s your Sun sign?


What quality of that sign do you most embody?

I’m very concerned with fairness and justice, I would say. Like the stereotype of Libra tells it, ideally I want everyone to be at peace and to feel content, but if I perceive an injustice, I can go to great lengths to defend the underdog. I always like to talk about Libra like the iron fist in the velvet glove: we’re very sweet until a disturbance of the peace is great enough to warrant a reaction.

What part of your natal chart most accurately describes you? Which part is least accurate?

It truly depends on the day and the situation. I have a Sagittarius rising, and this comes off strongly. I love to talk about things both in a way that is fun and lighthearted, but sharing in-depth knowledge is also something that I’m truly passionate about. I can talk about astrology and metaphysics all day, and I actually do almost every day! Currently, I’m reading up about quantum physics—is there anything more Sagittarius than that?

Somehow the least accurate part of my chart, I would say, are my planets in Libra because I don’t fully live up to the stereotypes. I’m quite decisive, I am not afraid of setting boundaries with others, I speak frankly, and I’m assertive. Not to say I don’t have Libra qualities—I surely do—but my Libra energy is quite mixed and layered.

How and why did you get into astrology?

My mother was an astrologer and I grew up seeing her drawing charts with a book of ephemeris and a pen and paper. At the time, there were no computers and no software—everything was done the hard way.

Growing up, I used to ask her so many questions, primarily when my prince charming would be coming (#Libra). When I hit my teens, I decided to start learning on my own. I just obsessively and secretly researched everything about astrology, I learned how to read my own chart, and after a few years, I realized I finally had enough knowledge to start reading others. That’s when anyone I met was greeted with, “What time were you born?”.

For me, astrology is an empowering tool—understanding why we are the way we are, what we can do to overcome difficulties and take advantage of our strengths, understand our pain and its purpose. It’s a constant reminder that every human has the same dilemmas, that we’re all interconnected.

I approach it this way: How can I shortcut years of observation to understand someone by looking at their blueprint (the natal chart) and help them figure out what’s up with them. I personally used astrology for many years as a mean to understand myself, to help me grow and overcome diverse aspects of my path.

What can HG’s readers expect from you?

My style is really bridging humor and wisdom. I find it important to talk about astrology in a way that everyone can relate to, in a way that doesn’t make your eyes squint. I tend to link astrology with self-care, aiming to provide tips and tools to ride the energies (that’s my Venus Virgo coming through).

What was your most Libra moment this week?

I couldn’t decide between two options for a project and almost held a press conference with my friends to inquire what was the right decision!

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on my website and on Instagram @lookupthestarsastro.

We’re bidding a fond farewell to our astrologer for the past year, Brianne Hogan. You’ll still see her byline on HG, covering sex and relationships, and her astrology book, Friendship Signs, is due out in May. Be sure to pre-order your copy now!

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