Julia Fox Posts Video Rant Defending Her Controversial “Mascara” Comment

"I don't want bad things to happen to men. Are you out of your mind?"

The always-candid Julia Fox is addressing all the recent controversies surrounding her family and her life on TikTok — including the comment she made surrounding the heartbreaking ‘mascara’ trend that seems to continue to haunt her.

Fox — who revealed to fans in 2022 that she has autism — received backlash from followers in February when she commented on a viral video posted by @big_whip13 sharing his experience as a victim of sexual assault.

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“I gave a girl mascara and it must have been so good that she decided that her and her friend should both try it without my consent,” stated the video’s text, accompanied by hashtags on sexual assault awareness and encouraging other male victims to speak up.

Fox reportedly said, “Idk why but I don’t feel bad for u LOL,” before she realized what his video was in reference to, claiming she thought he was actually talking about mascara. The trend has been a popular one on TikTok for several months now, in which victims of sexual assault reveal their abuse, referring to it instead as “mascara.”

A month has gone by, but fans have not forgotten Fox’s misstep. The Uncut Gems actress addressed the controversy yet again with her 1.7 million followers, sharing an extensive video explanation on her TikTok channel.


Replying to @user9470129385062 leaving this here permanently.

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This time, Fox seemed to blame the social media site’s algorithm. “I literally thought he was talking about mascara. And it’s not that farfetched if you’re on my algorithm, which is mainly 100 percent queer and, also, a lot of makeup people,” she said. “So, I thought he was talking about lending his mascara and the friend lending it to her friend without his permission.”

Fox goes on to say she was “really tired that day” and failed to “connect the dots.”

“I literally thought, like, this man is complaining about a mascara when we have child brides and all these other things?” the actress asked.

“On one hand, I could understand because you could spread a lot of diseases through sharing the mascara and makeup because it’s, like, on your eyeballs, so I can kinda see the outrage.”

Fox said she had to delete her comment because of the amount of hate she received on TikTok. “Do you think because I’m a feminist I want to see bad things happen to men? Are you out of your mind? Like, I have a son, you guys. I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to my son.”

The clearly fed-up Fox finished the two-minute plus video by asking fans how many times she’ll have to apologize for her mistake, saying she just wants to “live her life” and she “can’t apologize every f*cking day for it.”

The 34-year-old shared that she’s reconsidering her presence on TikTok and that maybe she’s just “missing cues” because she’s too old for it altogether.

It seems the video confessional worked because fans are largely supportive in the comment section. User @ali says “women like hunting witches too, doing your dirtiest work for you. We got you babe, I knew this would happen,” while others point to the misunderstanding as an indicator of autism, more than the algorithm.

“Taking things literally is a very common occurrence for people with autism, can you guys relax pls,” states @kirapuru. Another concurs, “ppl mad cause an autistic woman took something literally.. like.. 🧍🏻‍♀️.” 

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