Julia Fox Shocks Fans With Video Tour of Her NYC Apartment That’s Infested with Mice

The 'Uncut Gems' actress boasts about her interesting shoe storage method as well as her unusual furry friends.

Model/actress Julia Fox is taking some flack today for a lengthy TikTok video she posted in which she takes her 1.6 million followers on a “very underwhelming” tour of her New York City apartment. The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West gave fans a glimpse of the humble Upper East Side abode she shares with her son, Valentino… and also, apparently, some friendly rodents.

Fox alarmed fans when she shared that her apartment is apparently infested with mice, but she “doesn’t evict them,” and in fact, actually “appreciates them.” This is because, at night, they come out and clean up the crumbs left behind by her 2-year-old.

While she referred to mice in the plural sense, she’s now back-tracking in the video’s caption and saying she only houses “one” mouse.

It’s not unusual for apartments in New York to have some type of critter(s), but the Uncut Gems star also has fans talking about another self-proclaimed NYC right of passage.

Upon reaching her small kitchen, Fox asks her followers to not “judge her,” then points the camera at several stacks of designer shoe boxes cluttering an entire section, stating that this is “very common for New Yorkers.”

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While that’s up for debate, the mom also shares a relatable fact that has TikTokers lamenting how the star is just like everyone else: She co-sleeps with her toddler. “Sue me, I don’t care,” says Fox.

The part of the tour featuring her son’s room shows a cluttered loft-style crib that doesn’t leave much space for the little guy to rest his head.

It’s clear fans her on her side, with one commenter coining her a “relatable icon,” and another exclaiming “Julia Fox for PRESIDENT!”

The 32-year-old — who’s seen wearing no makeup and a menswear style white tee — also shows off several urns that she says are the ashes of friends who have passed away, as well as photos of them and son Valentino tacked to a “memorial mirror.”

Other features of note? Two tiny dead plants on a table and some of her favorite artwork, which includes photos of herself. The star also reveals she doesn’t like “excessive displays of wealth,” as they “make her feel icky.”

Fox goes on to discuss the issue of homelessness in this country. For her part, she admits she’ll likely get “roasted” for this video.

The actress — who was reportedly once a dominatrix — is usually a pretty good sport when it comes to being poked fun of, be it for her outrageous eye makeup (which she does herself), her frequent outings sporting just a bra and underwear, her unusual DIY fashion choices (such as cutting the top of her jeans off and turning them into a bra top), or her valley girl accent, which sparked a viral moment of her referring to the movie she starred in as “uncut jammmmssss.”

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