A Juicy sweatsuit is now being displayed in a museum

In the early 2000s, sweatsuits made a serious comeback. They were made of velour and they were cozy. Really, really cozy. So cozy, that they should probably have been classified as pajamas. But thanks to the velour sweatsuit trailblazer, Paris Hilton, hooded jackets and their matching pants were all the rage. But not just any average velour sweatsuit — specifically, Juicy Couture sweatsuits. Because comfort was cool and expensive.

Unfortunately for Juicy sweatsuit fans, the company closed their doors in 2014, making the Juicy sweatsuit a thing of the past. Vintage, if you will (but let’s be real — we all still wear sweatsuits. . . maybe not Juicy, but still sweatsuits). But don’t sweat it, Juicy is back! Kinda.

Starting in April, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will have a new exhibition worth checking out, if you’re into history and underwear. Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear won’t just be displaying underwear, a pink Juicy sweatsuit will be displayed as well.

“This exhibition will address the practicalities of underwear and its role in the fashionable wardrobe whilst highlighting its sensual, sexual appeal,” the website explains. “The exhibition will explore dress reformers and designers who argued for the beauty of the natural body, as well as entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators who have played a critical role in the development of increasingly more effective and comfortable underwear.”

It’s clear that sweatsuits aren’t underwear, but they are technically loungewear, which basically makes them underwear-adjacent. No word on whether the sweatsuit will come bedazzled with jewels, but if they’re going for an accurate depiction of Juicy, rhinestones just make sense.


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