Why I organized a juggling flash mob

Juggling is many things. It relieves stress, sharpens concentration, increases dexterity, and there have even been studies that show it helps patients with anxiety disorders. But most importantly it’s fun. Juggling for me has been life changing. I was always a strange kid with too much energy and not enough focus. As I got older. I started finding it more and more difficult to focus and get things done because I was scared I would fail. So I just wouldn’t do them. Then one day I saw a posting for a play that I wanted to be in (surprise, I’m a actress as well) but they needed the actor to juggle.

I didn’t know how, so I spent the next two days teaching myself, practicing over and over and failing over and over. Finally it just clicked: I was juggling! It made me feel like I could do anything. From that moment on, I fell in love with juggling and the feeling it gave me. The cool thing about juggling is that there is never a ending point, there is always some cool new trick to learn. After that everyday things were just so much easier to learn. It was that simple: just learning how to juggle made me change the way I saw life.

Recently, after eight years of living in New York City I decided it was time to leave. But New York was still the place I had called home for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted to do something that meant a lot to me, so I made a bucket list. I realized that I hadn’t juggled in many cool places in New York, so I made that my mission. I spent the last month before I moved going everywhere and juggling and filming it with the help from my friends and boyfriend.

>But I saved the best for last. After years and years of sitting on the subway on my way to work or heading home at rush hour, the subway owed me…especially the A train. So I decided to get on the train and juggle. That was it. No asking for attention, no asking for money. Just juggling.

But then, I thought “Wait, what if instead of one person juggling it was tons of people juggling? What if it was a flash mob of jugglers?” So I made a Facebook event and invited every juggler I knew. We all met up at 59th street platform, and when that A train came 15 jugglers got on and one by one we all started to juggle.

We rode it express from 59th st to 125th non-stop. I was really nervous about how the crowd would react but as soon as we started, everyone loved it! When we pulled into 125th we got a round of applause. It was awesome. Hopefully we made everyone on that train think of juggling as a really cool thing. Something that brought a bunch of people together for a good cause, to make others and ourselves smile. Because isn’t that what life about? Even if it encouraged just one person to learn to juggle, or to feel better about their day, then I did my job!

Juggling might not be for everyone. But why not give it a try? You never know.Felicia is a actress, juggler and circus arts instructor originally from Monahans, TX. She enjoys her pet lizard Fred, glitter and coffee. You can find out more about her at feliciamariemasias.com and follow her on Twitter @_hifelicia and Instagram @feliciamariethefirst [Image courtesy author]

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