Judy Greer watching her own kissing montage is exactly how we’d react if we had to watch all our past makeouts

Leave it to our favorite movie BFF to have an awesome kissing montage! Actress Judy Greer freaked out over her kissing montage video, and we totally understand why. Like, you wouldn’t freak out if you kissed George Clooney and could prove it?

On Tuesday, Greer appeared on Conan and she was happily surprised by an epic gift. While Greer stopped by the late night talk show to chat about her career, the host, Conan O’Brien had something else on his mind.

“I’m always kissing these famous people and I don’t think think I come off as the type of person that would kiss famous people, but I’ve managed to kiss so many,” she admitted.

“I wanted to make a reel of just all the famous people I kissed. That’s been a fantasy of mine,” Greer explained.

Apparently, O’Brien knew this was a dream of hers and, of course, he gave her the gift and it was glorious.

The host unveiled an amazing mashup of all of Greer’s epic on-screen kisses over the years. Some of the handsome men include Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Wilson and of course, Clooney!


Who says being the go-to sidekick and everyone’s BFF doesn’t have its perks?

"This is the great thing about being the best friend is you get to kiss lots of different guys," Greer told the audience. "When you're the lead of the movie, you kiss the one guy."

Ugh, this is SO not fair. Sign us up to play Jennifer Lopez’s sidekick (The Wedding Planner) or Katherine Heigl’s bestie (27 Dresses) next time, please.

Oh, and of course, O’Brien didn’t miss Greer’s lip lock with Lily Tomlin from Grandma.

“I love that you put Lily at the end,” the 41-year-old actress said. “That’s the greatest.”

This kissing montage is actually the greatest, and the fact that it stars the red-haired actress makes us so happy. We love you Judy, keep up the great BFF work!