Husband loses wife’s treasured Judy Blume book. And it’s Judy Blume to the rescue!

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Judy Blume anymore, she’s gone and melted our hearts again.

Last week, Leonard Lasek, a very desperate husband, began posting signs in the area asking for help in locating a box harboring one of his wife’s treasured keepsakes: A copy of Blume’s 1970 young adult novel, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Apparently, he didn’t mean to put the book on the street.

The posters read:

I accidentally gave this book away on Saturday July 25th in a box on the corner of of Green and Franklin Streets in Greenpoint. The book is extremely important to my wife. It was a keepsake from her mother and is irreplaceable. On the inside cover is a note that reads “Christmas 1991.” If you happened to pick up this book can you please get in touch with me.

  Accordingly, social media stepped in and yesterday, someone shared a photo of the sign to Instagram, entitled “Sadness, in Greenpoint.” Within 24 hours, the news made its way to none other than Judy Blume herself:

A signed copy can’t replace a treasured item, but it can get pretty damn close.

When Leonard (aka @reddsauce) got word that Ms. Blume herself was on the case, he was immediately grateful.Blume then responded in the best way possible.

Blume, who was packing for vacation when she first heard the news, was totally touched by Lasek’s effort and is doing all she can to help him out. “This poor guy. I feel for him,” Blume told the New York Daily News on Thursday night. “We’ll see if we still have that cover anywhere. . . It will never be the same. It will never say ‘Christmas 1991’ or ‘from Mom,’ but I can do my best. She may have to settle for a newer book, but I will sign it to her and write her a letter. I love interacting with my readers, and I really hope this story has a happy ending.”

Oh Judy, it already does.

(Image via Instagram)


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