Joy Villa wore a pro-life gown to the Grammys, a year after her MAGA dress

At the 2017 Grammy Awards, a woman named Joy Villa walked down the red carpet in a blue gown embellished with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: “Make American Great Again.” This year Villa turned up to the awards show in a white wedding dress with a hand-painted image of a fetus and a clutch that read: “Choose life.” She paired her politically charged look with a tiara.

Villa explained on Twitter that she painted the Pronovias wedding gown, which she purchased from The Bridal Garden, herself. The Bridal Garden is “a not-for-profit charitable organization whose proceeds benefit education for disadvantaged children.”

“I believe in loving the child and the mother, and I am proudly #ProLife. There is so much pain out there, but I choose to spread love and hope,” Villa shared on Instagram.

In recent years Villa has used the Grammys to express her conservative values, though in past years she rocked less political looks. In 2016, she went with a daring claw-inspired bodice and, in 2015, opted for head-to-toe orange netting. Her pre-2017 gowns were definitely Gaga-inspired, but hey, Villa definitely knows how to make a statement with fashion.

While Villa chose to express support for the pro-life movement at the awards show, many others are wearing or carrying white roses in solidarity with the #TimesUp movement.









Villa is a recording artist, though her website states that she is “considering the notion of running for Congress” in Florida and calls herself a “creative conservative.” Not surprisingly, her congressional platform echoes the values she espouses on the red carpet: pro-life, pro-religious freedom, pro-Trump, and pro-military among other things.

Until then, her platform is being the most talked-about fashion choice at the Grammys.

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