Journalists are making an incredibly powerful statement with these #NotTheEnemy posts

It’s been a harrowing few months. While there have been glimmers of hope — The Women’s March, for example, or the swift response against the Muslim Ban — the news has been pretty grim.

Yesterday,  Donald Trump called the news media “the enemy of the American people.” This pretty shocking claim not only attacked a vital pillar of democracy, it dismissed the hard work and sacrifices of an entire profession.

But journalists are fighting back in their own way. Many have turned to Twitter to share their side of the story using the hashtag #NotTheEnemy. And what first became a way of fighting back became a memorial for those lost defending freedom and freedom of speech. We hope the administration sees some of these.

Twitter wants people to know: journalists are citizens, too.

Some important facts:

Would you call these people “enemies”?

James Foley, Hero, #NotTheEnemy.

Marie Colvin, another Hero.

These men and women are #NotTheEnemy.


We agree.

Meet the “Mother of Investigative Journalism”

Not “Fake News”


This picture is worth many thousands of words.

Another powerful image and a history lesson.

We are deeply moved by the #NotTheEnemy Twitter response. These journalists are heroes, not enemies. It’s about time someone stood up for what was right. Yes, there are people out there who call themselves “journalists” and then spread lies and misinformation. But blatantly labeling an entire group of people as “enemies” is misinformed, dismissive, and harmful. We are relieved to see people pushing back against this label.

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