Joss Whedon and Keegan Michael-Key give us the “weather forecast” of a Trump presidency, and it’s equal parts funny and terrifying

As the presidential election draws closer and closer, there’s an abundance of political and social uncertainty as we consider what the future might hold. And amongst the celebrities who have shown their support for voting, Joss Whedon has been particularly active.

His most recent contribution to his “Save the Day” campaign invites viewers to consider the weather forecast of a Donald Trump presidency.

This of course comes after his brilliant star-studded PSA that urged millennials to vote, so there’s no denying that Whedon is an ambassador for change.

In this particular (incredibly hilarious) video, Keegan Michael-Key plays a weather man who matter-of-factly navigates a map of Trump’s presidency, pointing out areas of “civil unrest,” “massive construction fronts,” “smug looks,” “scattered bankruptcies” and more.

"You know what, it's not all bad news. The rise in both temperature and existential misery will be cooled by the nuclear winter coming in from the south-east. Now that should take out all sentient life on the continent, and we can look for that within the first hundred days."


This forecast might have evoked a certain feeling deep in your soul, or maybe it even scared the living daylights out of you. Whatever the result, make sure you do one thing…VOTE in the upcoming election!

While this video obviously takes a humorous approach to this serious topic, it’s tapping into something very real — and genuinely frightening for many people. It’s a good time to remember that every vote counts, and the big day (November 8th) is only a few weeks away. Make triple-sure that you’re registered beforehand, and vote for the weather forecast that you want to see.

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