This throwback clip of 13-year-old Josh Hutcherson on Jimmy Kimmel is real, and it’s amazing

Growing up in the spotlight: embarrassing for the celebrity, amazing for us. Last night Josh Hutcherson went on Jimmy Kimmel to promote the upcoming Hunger Games finale, Mockingjay: Part Two, but this wasn’t the first time he appeared on the show. That was way back when Hutcherson was 13-years-old, so Kimmel decided to remind the now 23-year-old just what it was like back then.

You might remember Josh’s early work, like Bridge to Terabithia and Firehouse Dog. What you might not remember, however, is just how small and adorable he was when he was in them. That’s when things like TV and the Internet come in handy.

Jimmy Kimmel played the most aww-worthy clip from Hutcherson’s first appearance, with his shaggy middle school boy-hair and baggy jeans. (Holla, 2005!) That was then, and this is now: Hutcherson is all grown up and starring in one of the biggest blockbuster franchises ever. Well played, my good man. But as they, never forget where you came from. And if Jimmy Kimmel has any say in the matter, Josh won’t.

Check out this old-school J-Hutch clip, because it is painfully cute. Oh and yes, that’s Ozzy Osbourne sitting next to him.

(Image via YouTube)

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