Josh Hutcherson is Team Gale, so everything we knew about reality might be wrong

As the release of Mockingjay: Part 2 approaches (just three more days to go!), we’re soaking up every bit of Panem we can get before the franchise comes to a bittersweet end. We’re treasuring every red carpet premiere, interview, talk show appearance and gif-able moment. Because The Hunger Games is hands down one of our favorite fandoms ever.

Speaking of the fandom, one of the most essential membership questions is: Are you Team Peeta, or Team Gale? And you’d better have a response prepared—plus examples to back up your reasoning. It’s one little question that speaks volumes about you. That divides friend groups. That provokes Tumblr users like I’ve never seen before.

Those on Team Peeta prefer the emotional brooder who will always give more love than receive it. Those on Team Gale prefer the fierce protector, the “I swear we’re just friends” guy that’s always been in the picture. This is a love triangle for the ages, people!

But here’s the big question: What does the man who plays Peeta himself, Josh Hutcherson, think? It totally shocked us when he said he’s on Team Gale. Well, kind of—the actor revealed that he thinks he’s more like Gale than Peeta. Which is mind blowing in itself, because Josh Hutcherson just seems so similar to Peeta IRL.

“Honestly, I lean a little more Gale,” Hutcherson told Cosmopolitan. “I can get brooding and aggressive at times. And Gale stands up for what he believes in—I have that in me. But I’m also sensitive, so I have that in common with Peeta.”

As for the whole Team Peeta/Team Gale debate, Hutcherson won’t pick sides when it comes to who should have Katniss’s heart. Back in 2012, he told Huffington Post he was Team Haymitch. “Yeah,” he joked, “he’s the man.”

(Image via Lionsgate)